Who are The GBCEDC?

Who are The GBCEDC? Main Photo

30 Dec 2022


The Gun Barrel City Economic Development (GBCEDC) is a community team that provides invaluable services and consultation for businesses in the area. This community team is made up of resident executives and business owners. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses. The GBCEDC is composed of a seven-member board and a two-person staff. 

Introducing the GBCEDC and Their Mission

The mission of the GBCEDC is to promote and sustain economic growth in Gun Barrel City, TX, as well as improve and maintain a high quality of life for our residents. The GBCEDC does this by fostering business startups and expansions, assisting in site selection, working with partners to provide education and job training for businesses, sustain and create job opportunities, and more! The GBCEDC also promotes investment opportunities and incentives to businesses for future growth and success. Click here to learn more about the GBCEDC.

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