Economic Success Follows Gun Barrel City Advantages!

Gun Barrel City is located just a short drive away for millions of people. It is only one hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth area via State Highway 175 and four hours from Austin. Visitors from Waco, Shreveport and Houston all can get to Gun Barrel City in travel times between those two.
That accessibility, coupled with being located near Cedar Creek Lake, the fourth-largest lake in Texas, makes Gun Barrel City an ideal tourist getaway. Visitors come for outdoor recreation like boating, fishing, skiing and other recreation. The business opportunities to support those visitors are limitless. For those looking for that second home or tourist getaway, the cost of living in Gun Barrel City offers more affordable and available real estate compared to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Finally, Gun Barrel City has become the commercial hub of the Cedar Creek Lake area, offering a wonderful supplement to the resort lifestyle found here.

location map

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