3 Flags Meat Market LLC: A Successful Expansion Supported by Gun Barrel EDC

3 Flags Meat Market LLC: A Successful Expansion Supported by  Gun Barrel EDC Main Photo

14 Jun 2023


Gun Barrel City, Texas, has witnessed the flourishing growth of local businesses thanks to the supportive environment created by the Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation (EDC). One such success story is 3 Flags Meat Market LLC, a thriving meat shop that received a significant boost from the EDC to establish its second location in Gun Barrel, Texas. Let's explore how this collaboration between the EDC and 3 Flags Meat Market has contributed to the business's success.

A Match Made in Meat Heaven

With a vision to expand her successful meat market business, the owner of 3 Flags Meat Market LLC, Veronica Granados, made a substantial investment of more than  $50,000 into the establishment. Recognizing the potential for economic growth and employment opportunities, the Gun Barrel EDC offered support. Through a 50% matching grant program, the EDC granted $25,000 to 3 Flags Meat Market LLC, allowing the business to enhance its operations further.

Building on Success

Granados already had an impressive track record with her first meat market, El Rinconsito Meat Market, located in Seven Points, Texas. This prior success and experience laid a solid foundation for the expansion into Gun Barrel. Since its opening, 3 Flags Meat Market has experienced remarkable success, attracting a growing customer base that appreciates the quality and variety of meats.

Authentic Mexican Breakfast Delights at 3 Flags Meat Market

In addition to its exceptional meat selection, 3 Flags Meat Market LLC goes above and beyond by offering a range of enticing dining options. The meat shop caters to early risers and Mexican cuisine enthusiasts with its delightful Mexican Breakfast offerings. Patrons can savor delicious and authentic Mexican breakfast dishes, like breakfast burritos and pupusas, adding a flavorful twist to their morning routines. Moreover, 3 Flags Meat Market LLC has expanded its services to include a Steakhouse dine-in experience. The inviting atmosphere and delicious steak options make it perfect for steak enthusiasts. For those on the go, the meat shop also offers convenient customer pickup options, allowing busy individuals to enjoy their favorite cuts of meat without compromising on quality or flavor. Whether customers prefer a sit-down meal or a quick pickup, 3 Flags Meat Market LLC aims to provide a satisfying experience.

The Role of Gun Barrel Economic Development Corporation 

The Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation has supported businesses like the 3 Flags Meat Market. Their commitment to assisting local entrepreneurs, developers, and investors is evident through site selection assistance, facilitation of incentives, and hands-on support for second-stage 
and expanding companies. By fostering a favorable business climate, the EDC ensures that Gun Barrel City remains an attractive investment destination.

Gun Barrel EDC: A catalyst for growth in Gun Barrel City, Texas

The collaboration between 3 Flags Meat Market LLC and the Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation has proved to be a resounding success. As an organization that consistently supports small business owners, the Gun Barrel EDC remains committed to facilitating growth, attracting investment, and building a thriving business community in Gun Barrel City. For economic development assistance, please contact us here. 

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