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Retail Trade

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Traffic Counts: Gun Barrel City is the Economic Center of the Lakeplex

Gun Barrel City sees traffic counts of up to 26,000 per day, much higher than those of surrounding cities. These are shoppers with a destination: to anchor stores such as Walmart Supercenter and Lowe’s Home Improvement, to other area stores, to events, or to the lake.
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How does Gun Barrel City stack up with Site Selectors?

Lowe's, Walmart, Starbucks, and Chrysler are all recognized for their unique site selection approaches, and all four have made the move to Gun Barrel City. These elite corporations recognize that the population and economy are growing in Gun Barrel City, but its consumers still have unmet local retail needs/its consumers are still hungry for diversified retail options in town.

  • WalMart established a SuperCenter in Gun Barrel City in 1983. The Gun Barrel City store consistently ranks among the top-performing stores in Texas in terms of sales per square foot.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement opened a store here in 2009 and has since become another top-performing store.
  • Starbucks opened a store in 2017. A new Starbucks location has been shown to predict rising property values (known as the "​Frappucchino effect​.")
  • A Chrysler-Dodge dealership opened in 2018. When the corporate team came to Gun Barrel City and saw the city and business activity they were sold on the location.
  • Discount Tire has bought real estate in Gun Barrel City and will soon begin the construction of its new site.

The experience of these site selectors demonstrates Gun Barrel City's viability for new businesses. Other high-performing chains that have successful locations in city limits are Chili's, Sally Beauty, Denny’s, Best Western, KFC, and Taco Bell. Gun Barrel City also supports a thriving community of long-standing, locally-owned businesses.

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Skills and Education
  • 83% of adults 25 or over have a high school degree or higher education.
  • 16% have a Bachelor's or higher Degree.

Wages and Benefits
  • The median household income is $49,140, 9.5% greater than the county median. The median monthly housing cost is $787, or $9,444 annually. With a median income nearly five times greater than the annual housing costs, the cost of living is considerably low.

Job Specific Recruitment and Training
  • The EDC partners with Texas Workforce Commission to train and match skilled workers with the right job.