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75% of occupied housing units in Gun Barrel City are owner-occupied. The median monthly housing cost is $787, or $9,444 annually, with an annual median income of $49,140 for the zip code.

In addition to the numbers listed below, taken from the 2010 census data, a subdivision of 500 homes is currently under construction and an addition to an existing subdivision of 86 homes is also underway.

Occupancy StatusActualPercentage
  Total housing units2,990100.0
    Occupied housing units2,31277.3
    Vacant housing units67822.7
  Occupied housing units2,312100.0
    Owner occupied1,74875.6
      Owned with a mortgage or loan92339.9
      Owned free and clear82535.7
    Renter occupied56424.4
Vacancy StatusActualPercentage
  Vacant housing units678100.0
    For rent558.1
    Rented, not occupied10.1
    For sale only7410.9
    Sold, not occupied142.1
    For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use39358.0
    For migratory workers10.1
    Other vacant14020.6
Tenure By Household SizeActualPercentage
  Owner-occupied housing units1,748100.0
    1-person household47827.3
    2-person household71240.7
    3-person household22713.0
    4-person household1709.7
    5-person household885.0
    6-person household442.5
    7-or-more-person household291.7
  Renter-occupied housing units564100.0
    1-person household16429.1
    2-person household14425.5
    3-person household10518.6
    4-person household7713.7
    5-person household458.0
    6-person household193.4
    7-or-more-person household101.8
Tenure By Age Of HouseholderActualPercentage
  Owner-occupied housing units1,748100.0
    15 to 24 years171.0
    25 to 34 years1367.8
    35 to 44 years19211.0
    45 to 54 years35220.1
    55 to 64 years38422.0
    65 years and over66738.2
    65 to 74 years38422.0
    75 to 84 years22112.6
    85 years and over623.5
  Renter-occupied housing units564100.0
    15 to 24 years447.8
    25 to 34 years10919.3
    35 to 44 years11921.1
    45 to 54 years10719.0
    55 to 64 years7112.6
    65 years and over11420.2
    65 to 74 years559.8
    75 to 84 years386.7